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As a family member with 3 generations of ADD and a spouse with it. I totally can relate. I have a mother who in her 70’s has just gone on medication…she can’t believe the difference it has made, her interest and ability to focus on her interests and learn new things ( photography),has really stood out. Also she is more alert..not napping, not eating excess sweets etc.Life altering. She has “metamorphosed” she said. I totally recommend trying medication it is never too late…discuss with your doctor ( for those who have not yet).
Meanwhile my brother is not doing so well…if only they new when he was a kid …now on the streets… Now that my mom knows she and he have ADD she is going to tell him to get help. As for my son I am doing whatever I can to help him…supervision, support, coaching, everything…he is stuck…but he is funny and still smiling…I will never give up.