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Hi All. When I read all of your posts its as if I am hearing the frustration and pain I have been experiencing all of my life. I feel that you are speaking from a very similar place professionally. I am currently struggling with having invested in a career and feeling that I am failing at it. I have been aware that I have ADHD for some time. I cope well, most of my jobs have lasted 2-9 years, but have had to leave a job that was very stressful and could no longer cope. I started off on my own and feel that my symptoms are getting really bad to the point I’m considering medication in a last stich effort to improve something. What I really want to is to tailor my strengths and find a better work title. I hate paperwork and I’m afraid all jobs require some of this nowadays.
I saw Susie offer coaching in this area and I would like to know if you would extend this to me as well. I’m trying to remain hopeful.
Thank you