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I recognize the same cycle you all recognize in yourselves and I honour the enormous amount of work that you have put into doing and being what you have become. Having had to contend with ADD I have had to manage PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as a comorbid condition. I am seeing the light after a life spent wondering when the joy would return and the internal conflict brought about by ADD would end. This is what I found, the pharmacology is helpful, I did not respond well to the stimulant type medication, only when ‘Strattera’, Atomoxitene came available could I suppress the powerful effects of the ADD. But I wanted that to be an intermediate remediation.
I see you speaking of the difficulty of ‘consistency’ a consistent remedial behaviour that could ameliorate the effects of ADD. That for me was a relative impossibility. I did find activities that interested me and led to a successful business life although not altogether satisfactory one since the ADD seemed to make it difficult to effectively separate business/work from personal lives.
Everyone has struggles and big challenges some perhaps more difficult that ADD, but that takes compassion to see. After years of struggling with ADD our reserve of compassion and empathy gets depleted and without these friendships remain challenged.
I have found from what I’ve read and experienced is that the comorbidities ie those conditions and tendencies that grow up to dealing with the stress of failure and rejection are just as much a hurdle as the ADD.
The conditions take as much attending as the ADD.
However I started with consistency which is a discipline and is the toughest and near impossible thing to achieve, much harder than for the typical brain.
What has worked and is working for me is ‘neurofeedback’ not just any neurofeedback, in my case coupled with psychotherapy. But the neurofeedback is the key for me and needs to be delivered in line with the work done by Sepbern Fisher and separately the work of Bessel Van der Kolk, (two of the most imminent neuroscientist psychologists in the field (see them on Youtube), i.e. very low frequency exercises (not automated high frequency peak style’) mind work outs, that allow your neurons to exercise themselves in the brain towards the neural pathways of the typical brain at your own speed.
This can be seen to happen over 10 sessions usually at around $80 a session.
The effect for me has outdone the effects of all self medicated drugs like alcohol and grass. Far better. It may take anything up to 40 sessions for long last effect and perhaps more…..but it is non intrusive and non invasive. Your brain drives the process….
After many years of looking I have found this method and it works, the ‘insulted’ brain begins to lose its torment and the real, fearful and loving, often intelligent person emerges….and those who’ve genuinely loved you can now be free to do so or not, but they’re no longer waiting to pick up your pieces instead of enjoying the really accomplished human in most of us.