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I was diagnosed in my twenties with ADHD but went through life with anxiety and depression as well. Went Dr to dr and all sorts of tests trying to figure out why I felt so bad. I wasn’t DIagnosed with depression and anxiety until mid 30s couple years ago. Depression can make you feel so physically bad. I’ve been exactly where you are from what I am reading. I want you to know you will feel better you just need to find the right medicine. I am a firm believer in medicine because it has changed my life. I’ve tried different medicines and exercise, I was a dietitian so I was always a healthy eater. I did everything I was told and still felt depressed for no reason and I felt so guilty for feeling so bad because it doesn’t make since. But it really is a imbalance in your brain. It’s like having diabetes and needing medicine to make your pancreas work the way it should. You need medicine to clear your Brain so you can function and feel better. It’s nothing you are doing or not doing. It’s not your fault it’s just something that you need help with like someone who needs glasses. Once I found the right meds for me it’s like I finally woke up and could live and see. Find a psychiatrist that understands ADD, depression and anxiety. Good psychiatrist are hard to find but if you can find a good one that understands it can change your life.