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I absolutely love that motto about staying one step ahead of yourself that is so cool! I am actually starting to pride myself on the variation of jobs that I have gone through. I had felt like a failure, but after I learned about ADHD, and I sort of turned it into a superpower, I started to find the jobs that fit for me. I knew that working inside all the time was literally going to kill me. I knew that doing the same thing every single day was literally going to kill me. And I knew that having to do something involving math was also going to kill me. So once I figured that out, I I started to see what fit for my personality, skills, energy, and interest. Teaching worked, for a while. Working in the film industry on movie sets worked, for a while. And then being a stay at home mother worked, OK that is still working because it is the most awesome job ever. But the toughest job ever. But the most important job ever. But I guess what I’m trying to say is it is absolutely OK to test drive careers. It’s just as important to find out what doesn’t work for you as it is to find what does. ADHD can be a super power Once you have learned to harness it. I’m still working on that one. Have fun with life!!!