Reply To: Problem getting meds for 8 year old


I am a teacher with add. I am also gifted – school was super easy. But I had the triangle of success. Sleep, nutrition and excercise – growing up. Mom is a dietician – so low sugar, no junk food, early bedtime, and ballet/swim every night.
Now as adult – poor sleep, poor nutrition, no exercise – my add is out of whack!
also – check on friendships – that may be a difficult area. Make sure your NO means NO everytime. If you give in to whining, begging, fits – it teaches them – that those things work. NEVER GIVE IN. They will play you like the lottery because they know it works some of the time. Make sure they exercise, have structure (school is lots of structure which we need), low sugar, at home.
Work on incentives – use calendar – buy toys ahead of time – put on top of fridge, and work toward earning them.
make sure kid sleeps early – tired kids are grouchy whiny and out of control. Early bedtime – if they snore – talk to dr. it’s sleep apnea and they aren’t getting deep restful sleep.
many add kids are gifted – Richard Branson – virgin airlines, the guy who invented Kinkos, etc.