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if possible, look at what it was in all the things that got you interested in the first place. There is probably a common attraction. start looking for things with the attraction. then figure out what it felt like when it went from fun to boring and not worth doing. there is likely something common at that end too.
the hard part is to recognize the blind alleys sooner, not to give up your enthusiasm. if you are curious about life you are going to hit dead ends and that’s ok as long as over time there are fewer and they are less of a surprise. if you start a few less things or go into them with more realistic expectations the crash at the end won’t seem so abrupt. if you get out before you hit the wall, you will be way more in control of what’s happening and i suspect you will feel better because it will be your decision and not a hopeless situation that causes you to rethink your plan. if you are like some of us you may figure out what the common thread is while you are sleeping or driving or walking and not thinking about it at all.
one other good thing is having friends who appreciate you as you are. i don’t mean people who “tolerate” the problems your mind causes. I mean someone who laughs with you at that stuff and appreciates what you can do rather than pointing out your failures. you have a good side too. if people appreciate that the other stuff isn’t as difficult.
if possible, put as many of the things that make you nuts on autopilot. there’s an app for most of those things. Good Luck with it.