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Hi I’m 38 and i take 100mg of stattera with 10mg of Adderall. I honestly think you where on too much Adderall. Some people don’t need that much. Over the years I had same reactions but was on about the same dose as you. 10mg has been great for me and I just feel normal. I think the combination has been working great. I take it at noon to get me through rest of my day. I think I may do well with one in morning and one after lunch but haven’t tried it bc this is working and I’m not doing a desk job. Another option to think about. I don’t take time release, it lasts just four hours. Dr said it can also help with depression. When combining the two…I have felt better now than i ever have.Maybe try a psychiatrist that specializes in ADD??? I don’t think all drs will do this combination but it has been the best thing for me! Hope this helps!