Reply To: Problem getting meds for 8 year old


Keep in mind, ADHD is a medical diagnosis. You need to find a medical doctor in your area, like a pediatrician, that can diagnose ADHD and prescribe medication. The best evaluation I’ve come across is the IVA-plus computerized evaluation There are other tests of variable attention available as well that will help nail down a diagnosis. This will clearly show if your son has problems with attention and is not subjective like many of the questionnaires.

My son is 2E (twice exceptional), meaning he has a gifted intellect + ADHD + learning disability in writing. When he was in kindergarten, his behavior was all over the place, but academically he was at the top of his class, reading at a 3rd-grade level and solving math problems in his head. The school dismissed the early signs of ADHD and blamed it on “bad parenting” instead, basically because they didn’t want to have to deal with accommodating him at school.

He was properly diagnosed with ADHD by a medical doctor when he was 6 yo and started on medication shortly thereafter. Medication was truly life-changing for him. Despite the fact that he’s really smart, he never would have made it through school without medication. We did a lot of other therapies as well…behavior therapy, neurofeedback, CBT, diet mods, etc, but nothing was as effective as the meds, although I believe some of these other therapies done in conjunction with meds were effective.

You’re up against a fight with the schools. Keep fighting…it will pay off in the end. Do your homework and read everything you can about ADHD esp on the ADDitude site. Remember, you are your child’s best advocate. My son is now dual enrolled in college and a junior in high school with a 3.9 GPA. You are probably going to have to do a lot of the support at home, but try your best to get the school to do their part. Just remember to stay positive and never give up trying to get the appropriate help for your child. It’s hard work…Good Luck!