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I am sorry to hear of your job loss. After my recent job loss in August my Doc said to me, “You did not fail the job, the job failed you.” What those of us with ADHD need to do when looking for a job is look closely at jobs and look for one that will support our unique skill sets and still allow us to work in a successful way for us and the boss. That may take a while, it has for me, however as I look back at jobs I have had, I did have good situations.

Check out several of the webinars on this site, one of the best ones I found so very helpful was How to Get More Done with Less Stress, the presenter has a very helpful form and helpful info and tips. Also, check the one on how ADD affects our “over-emotion” very insightful.

I’ve learned from my last job, that most of us with ADD don’t do deadlines the same way the rest of the world does. There are several suggestions on how to find a process that will work for you, look to see what you can find.

We get lost in the trees, the weeds and any number of items. What is often difficult is to remember what the bosses or the assignments important issues are and related deadlines. So that we can meet them and be successful because we truly can!

I know the pain of “another” job loss. TRUST ME! You are just practicing for the real job, the one you are meant to have and it’s out there waiting for you. In the meantime sign up for temp work, that helps bridge the gap. Also, Starbucks has great benefits, I did it for three yrs.

I have a BS degree (prelaw and hated it) and higher IQ and fast on my feet in figuring out issues at any job, very flexible, I’ve been told I’m overly creative – but hey it works for me. Oh and did I mention I’m dyslexic, add that to the mix 🙁 when you have a boss who wants it all perfect.

My point is considered med’s if you are not on any. There are some very helpful ones out there that work and help. Get hooked on healthy things – physical exercise helps, DO NOT go to drugs or drink that’s too easy, and we’re all better than that for sure!

God doesn’t make junk, he makes each of us unique. You are not alone, this site has lots of great help.

Hang in there….Donna