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Dear saber0711,
I’m a single mom of 2 boys. All of us have AdD – diagnosed and medicated. I strongly urge you to get officially diagnosed and on a medication your doctor recommends. The diagnosis is as simple as a conversation with your general doctor. When you take a flight the airline attendants say “put your oxygen mask on First, then help others” – This is the same situation. If you don’t take of yourself first and foremost, then you will not be able to be there for your child. Love is a wonderful thing but you must also be healthy and emotionally happy to care for any child but an AdD child needs even more attention. The other great thing about having AdD “together” is that you will be more patient and kind to each other. Your son will understand this isn’t just “a kid thing” or “a boy thing” like people used to believe. It’s okay that we have AdD or AdHD – it is part of who we are but we can still be successful and happy. Trust me, my house is cluttered, my mail is in piles, I’m late for everything and I get frustrated with myself often BUT I know why and ways to help myself and my boys (breaking down tasks into small parts, writing lists, getting school bags/clothes ready the night before, etc.). Life CAN be good – not perfect – but so what!? Your son is lucky that you care enough to ask for help. Don’t try to do this alone. Ask your doctor. If he/she can’t help, move on. Don’t be afraid of a 2nd opinion. Your life and happiness and family are more important than anything else. I wish I could say “let’s have coffee” because I don’t know anyone who struggles like I do – except on sites like this. But I am happy you reached out – this is a great site! Take care and hug your son everyday! You both deserve it! New England Mom