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I MORE than understand what you’re going through.

I am a career coach, and have ADHD (among other comorbidities). I’d be happy to work with you for no charge, if you are serious about wanting to forge ahead and make changes. I’ve done this my whole life and recently turned it into a business. Folks I’m working with have approached me from my past (ex-employees). That’s what prompted me to start doing this full time. I work with those who need guidance with college, career choices, getting careers going and professional development. Having personal experience with ADHD adds a level of approach that others might not have in your situation. At least, that is what I have found when speaking with others who are neurotypical. 🙂

If you are interested, please let me know the best way to contact you.

Whatever you decide, good luck! I know you are capable of reaching your goals with less struggle.