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I too have had problems keeping friends over the years. I have one friend now and we are pretty close. Thankfully she is patient, understanding, and knows about adhd. She is very supportive. I honestly think you need to find new people and find somebody that is going to be mutually supportive in your friendship. I have just as hard of time as you with all the things you listed. Sometimes you have to stop and think before you act or speak. It is extremely hard, but if you make an effort you will see yourself making the small steps and changes to help yourself out with other relationships. You have to think what are you going to do or say and how it will affect the others around or involved. I am very thankful for my one true friend. She came back into my life when I really needed a good female companion. She helped me out of some darkness. She has helped me get back on my woman wagon. Thats what I like to call it. I hope some of this helps. truly think you have just been encountering some sorry ppl. There are great folks out there who will be your friend til the end. it is a matter of time before you find them!!