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Sometimes he doesn’t pitch if we agree on meeting up he does that a lot and it really hurts me everytime he does that I will go in and out cooking for him etc and then he doesn’t call or text usually texts the next day. When I try calling or texing during that day he doesn’t answer we once spoke about it and he said his just afraid of dissapointing me by telling me that he is no longer coming. Its better if he informs me rather than leaving me hanging but still ge doesn’t get that. He was supposed to visit me during the past weekend but never pitched he only texts me later on and tells me that he think I am angry i got upset then said I’m hurt and that I feel like sometimes his taking me for granted and he just I see its been 3 days since we spoke he does that most of the time when I’m upset and I’m always the one reaching out even when he is on the wrong. I feel like he knows that I will always communicate first had s comfortable I’m very sweet most of the time it works but feel like he takes advantage of the fact that I’m sweet and always understanding. I have read on ADHD so i try to find solitios to most of our problems I don’t want to change him I just want him to work with me. His not perfect so am I I’m really trying but I kinda lose it sometimes. He does apologize for not pitching but ends up doing it again even though I see that he tries sometimes and I always tell him that I appreciate his efforts. He ignores my texts sometimes then replies after a very long time I call doesn’t return my calls. I don’t like nagging but I do when its necessary. I get tired of him keeping quiet everytime after an argument. Sometimes he can be very selfish and puts his emotions first. His a great guy, funny, intelligent, jolly, crazy, kind, loving his sense of humour is out of this world and I love him a lot and I really want our relationship to work I want him to also ride with me and not let me do a lot on my own. I understand that its not easy having ADHD its tough like he always says but we got to work as a team in order to go further