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Yeah, that’s kinda frustrating, I really know how you feel right now, me too, have this kind of thinking why is this happening to me, how I got this kind of disorder, when I was a teen I tend to have those questions on my mind circling everyday until I fall asleep, but my parents are very supportive and guide me to everything I do, its just me that don’t
have that courage to push through, until I was college, I ask myself what can I do about this disorder, what I did was go with the flow, I read somewhere that so called 5 second rule, it goes like you have that 5 second countdown to push yourself to do one thing at a time, it helps me alot though, until now I’m still doing that rule to get my self doing the thing I want, its on the process, its on the way upward, just think on the bright side of things, I’ve been reading books, doing outdoor sports, I read blogs about this disorder and get insights from, I have to focus to matter what, and pray too..