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Rory, your story is identical to mine (aside from the whole finishing college thing haha. Im currently oon the 18+ year plan) Ive been working in an autism classroom with kiddos with very challenging behaviours, and after getting fired from most of my jobs for tardiness or general disorganization, I think I found a job that is interesting and stimulating enough. Ive been pursuing a 2 year occupational therapist assistamt degree for 6 years now, but I also find that stimulating… Because in a roundabout way they both apply to me and help me learn about myself. Im sorry to hear your disappointment in yourself, I know it well. Just remember that theres no reason you need to stay in one job, and you can put everything you have into something and then move on and that is not failure, and its not wasted time. If you keep it up, you will end up being well learned in multiple fields and even more adaptable and flexible than Im sure you already are. Dont feel dissapointed when you lose interest in something that you were passionate about, its up to you to decide when youre done.
Embrace the next passion unapologetocally until youve gotten what you need from it; Passionately pursue another degree, and then change majors at the last minute, or wait tables, become a possum rehabilitator, whatever. It’s your life girl. Youre gonna be the one with a million random skills when youre 90, not the haters. (Sidenote, my career list includes lifetime college student, possum rehabilitator, waitress, adult toy stoy manager, magician, carpenter, romance e-book writer, and now Ive been in the Autism field for a few years. Im proud of the spectrum of bizarre situations that I can thrive in. You should be too. The people who are great at functioning and staying happy within a routine for an entire lifetime, are the ones that jave extreme difficties when they are faced with an unfamiliar situation, and we come to their rescue. We are just the ither side of that coin… Embrace it!!!!! Also, reach out if you want to know more reasons to live like you want to 😬😎👊 [email protected] !