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Hi Dinamspace:
The aspect I found in your writing is at the end:

“It’s /making keeping friends/ (ed) just too much work and honestly, at this point in my life, I really feel okay with it. The only time I feel bad is when I ponder why I don’t feel bad even though society seems to tell me I should.”

Fact is the above is crucial to most of the comments on the topic being discussed.

To Be or not to Be ‘Standard Issue’ — this is the fundamental issue.
If any of us feel it is too demanding to fit into the standard hole that society’s epectations are trying to pinhole us into, well then just live your own set of rules.

Steer clear of the masses, the conventional behaviorists. Make your own way to heaven and you may find other like-minded souls will be coming your way!!!

Its worked for me. Like being oiutside of the mainstream. Its not easy but if you dont work at it, you are going to remain unhappy, most likely !!!!!!!!