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Hi Keia, I too was diagnosed late in life, and always knew I was different. I just learned not too long ago how much I had to learn about myself. Welcome, Congratulations on your baby! I bet you’re a great mom, we ADHDers are good moms, There are so many more good things about you than negative, it took me so long to learn that. You just now got to the starting point where you could get the information you need. Things will get better from here, knowledge is wisdom! The wisdom to make better decisions, the peace to know why we do things we do, the chance to laugh with others like us. We’re really an exceptional group of people, so you’re going to be fine. I found this place just a couple of years ago, I love it! I have total faith in you, look how far you got with no information at all! That’s how smart and resourceful you are! Think about what you can do with a little insight ❤️