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I have adult Add mid 30’s make and know exactly how you feel. I always have a small sense of anxiety in certain situations, and you choosing not to go to someone’s home in a bad area is not abnormal, id say it’s normal.

Being blunt is ADD, unfortunately it can offend people. Just keep in mind.

Not supporting, I think u should choose indifference, instead of arguing or attempting to fix because it is there life, simply be indifferent. “ I’m moving halfway across the country to live with my new bf that I never met” you response…wow, good for u, let me know how that goes. It’s not your life so don’t worry about it so much I noticed that with Add we have this like addiction to try and help other people or fix things that really have nothing to do with us…it’s time to focus on yourself. What issues do u see with you.

I’d take the Dark Triad Test…see how u score, and I would take

Some other emotionality tests like this one

See how u score and just know where u stand, your scores won’t change in the future. So it’s just good to be observant with your own feelings in relation to the general public.

Them not texting back doesnt mean shit…people are busy.

U want to make friends u might have to go out of your way to create relationships.

Instead of 100 aquantences focus on making 1-2 extremely good friendships….u really only need 1.

Hope this helps