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Feb 8 2018
Dear Rory:
Thanks for your reaching out into the wide world and within that the narrower world of ADD – to those of us who struggle to understand and work within the confines of our universe.

Feel free to be a pal – contact me on FB under name: Andy Somy. Check out my approach to the world via the themes I tend to on my page. You will find my inner being via the subject matters of choice on my FBk page. They are ‘stream of consciousness’ that is, they are wide-ranging as are my interests from psychology, our current world and the constraints we are faced with and so on.

As to the topic and your subject of how to excell or be satisfied with what you do:

As a fellow ‘high-level’ ADD sufferer – I have much experience, some success and some otherwise in the process of living.

In very general terms – select what your activity is at work – if it dpownt suit you – change.
If you dont know what field of activity youd be happy in, ask me. I can see through your story and the hangups that ney be occurring here or there. and it downt cost you anything.

Personal message me via facebook or facebook messenger or via email through ADDitude Mag.

Possibilities incl talking with me via phone line of one sort or antother.


Best regards,