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I am a PhD student with ADHD Inattentive who should have jumped ship long ago. Here is what I will say: You can do the research (you absolutely can!), but it would be best if you could ALSO do something else (and if you want to use your research skills, something maybe in healthcare where you can find a REASON to motivate the research). The same, quiet routine is likely to not work out, and if you try to force it, you may burn bridges along the way (my current issue). A job that allows you to move and change environments frequently, working with different people, would likely be best. There are lots of options, so don’t despair. Teaching? Clinician (then you could also use your research skills!)? Physical Trainer? Maybe implementation of IT technology at businesses if you don’t mind traveling? Financial adviser? Sales (but ONLY if you are really interested in and believe in the product)?

I have been “trying” many of these careers myself. There is also some research that suggests ADHD people work better for themselves – if you could find a cause that drives you, that may also be another solution. Personally, in the immediate term, I’m looking for something with lots of flexibility (read: no one is breathing down my neck to make sure I’m doing my work, because honestly, that just makes me less likely to do it) that does not require writing reports. Then, I’m looking to become a clinician I think (once I have money saved for tuition); I’ll either become a NP, PA, or physician quite likely. Your career plan should take into account your desire for family, etc, as well.