Reply To: Problem getting meds for 8 year old


My 5 year old Son has ADHD/ ODD.
I told my Pediatrician my Son was acting strange at 3 to 4 years old ( He started my car his older Adult Sister was supervising him.)
I took him to the Pediatrician, She said to me he’s too young.
I told her what he’s doing like, he cannot sit still for a minute, bullies, start fights and arguments, writes on the walls/ distructive,does evil things to my Cat( pinch, pull her tail and chase her around the house) and jumps off my furniture like he’s on drugs, shakes and runs in the walls uncontrollably.
The School called my home almost everyday.
They put him into an IEP/ 504 plan.
It worked.
Try asking the school about an IEP/504 plan.
My Son is smart and gets good grades, but still he shouldn’t suffer because he gets good grades.
The IEP also helps with behaviors, true my Son gets good grades, but it’s his behavior.

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