Reply To: Problem getting meds for 8 year old


I’m new to the ADHD world this year in working with my 2nd grade son, and I have attacked it like a scientist, taking out variables, checking piece by piece what is going on and implementing things that I know won’t hurt him (sleep, nutrition, mindfulness training, positive parenting (check out Positive Parenting Solutions!), etc.). It’s hard to be told no when you feel that something could work quickly- I’m so sorry you are struggling. I’m wondering if you can try more avenues in the meantime; perhaps if you go to the psychologist and let her know how you have made changes in your home and evaluated those things that are known to mimic or impact ADHD, she would be more willing to listen? Hopefully it was just a rough day for her- she probably sees tons of people who want an easy out to deal with their children’s behavior rather than putting in a little more work- just try not to take it personally, and a second or third opinion never hurts! Best of luck to you!