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Middle school can be a challenging time. I’d ask about all of the above and I would ask about how the teachers are with adaptability with accommodations, especially during the first semester. In my experience, every accommodation can be tacked down beforehand with the best of intentions but sometimes they just don’t work in the real world. Will the teachers adapt, will they work to see what works in their classroom and be more fluid with their accommodations? For example, my son had one teacher who noticed my son was having trouble picking up vocab words so instead of the standard assignment, he made him crossword puzzles to solve. The crossword kept him more engaged and he picked up the vocable more easily. Another noticed he couldn’t keep still during lectures, so he allowed him to journal since my son could still retain the information and journal at the same time. These were not in the plan, but were real world accommodations that worked.

If your son wonders off easily, one thing I would be concerned about would be if he has to move from classroom to classroom if he hasn’t done that in elementary school. Is there a way for him to have his classes closer together? Or is there a way for him to practice his schedule before the first day of school? Might there be a teacher or counselor to keep an eye out for him the first few days since those are the most chaotic with lots of kids and distractions in the hallways.

Lockers. Ok, this one is dingy, but even my neuro-typical child had an issue with the locker in middle school and this caused him some pre-first day anxiety. Luckily the principal knew this so they set up a time for the incoming 6th graders to practice with their combination locks for awhile before the first day of school. Really calmed his nerves.

If he has anxiety, is there a Resource Room that he can go to at the Middle School to decompress or other special technique he might be able to utilize in the classroom, to cope with that anxiety and then incorporate that into his Plan. I would take your Plan from elementary school and build upon it.