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to Purna re: Guanfacine

it was recommended that my son take Intuniv/Guanfacine last year as part of an effort to increase our chances of getting homework done in the evening. It was one of the worst decisions of my life. It made him so angry and tired. I took a generally happy boy and turned him into a monster. He had never been a behavior problem at school and he got into a verbal fight with a lunch lady (!!!!), he was caught being very sneaky in class and he told him he hated me multiple times {had never done that or even come close} and even packed his bags in an attempt to run away – he was 10. I just pulled out my documentation and this was all a year ago this exact week {today is the 1 year anniversary of him packing his bags.} I talked to his swim coach about his behavior and she said he seemed “different” but couldn’t put her finger on it. When I told her why i was asking she looked stunned and told me she had been on that medication before and was such a hostile person her friends had an intervention. She did say she takes a lower dose twice a day and does much better, however, we pulled the plug on it after 30 days. I really wanted it to work which is why we persevered through 30 days. There were a few highs {unexpected I love yous, hugs & kisses from a usually-unaffectionate child, and he out of the blue asked if he could go pick up trash in the woods after seeing some litter.} Unfortunately he had a big championship swim meet that he bombed because he was cloudy and tired. The pediatrician was surprised that he had this reaction and claims he hadn’t heard of those side effects before. I know you brought this up in Decemeber and it’s not 1.5 months later but I thought I’d respond anyway..