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Well Rory I would hardly say you are a failure, a masters degree blows failure out of the water! Being able to focuse can be challenged also, you sure are focused on what you think you havent done. There sure are allot of positives in that story of yours, sometimes we ADHDers or ADDersdont always see them, so writing them down helps? Did you see anything when you did? When I’ve wanted to start over and over and over I’ve put blocks in my way, friends? Doctors? I’ve worked to learn new habits, I’ve told my husband what I’m doing so he can stop me, help me. Sometimes what I needed was attention from the person I love and just saying I need you to hug me, I need you to listen to me, was all I needed to do. Instead of making huge decisions that affect my life so people HAVE to stop and look, I make smaller scarier ones and ask for help, hug, love. Just something I’ve learned in my life, might not be anything to do with what you are going through, I could have read this all wrong?