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Dear heywhichwaydoigo
I happen to be from Massachusetts also. I totally concur with Patrishhardy. I was diagnosed at age 39 (now 47) by my general practitioner. If your gp refuses to help you, just ask for another dr in that office. $1200 or any “extra” cost is outrageous and uncalled for. A Nurse Practitioner (who works in a Counseling office as their “med” person) confirmed my diagnosis with just a conversation. I have all the red flags! I know them so well that I can now pick out other adults who have AdD or AdHD too. We are so much alike but many people have no idea because they think it’s a “kid thing” that you outgrow. You don’t outgrow the way your brain works. Get diagnosed by a kind doctor who isn’t trying to rip you off or gouge your insurance. You will be relieved when/if your child starts to show symptoms (my two boys have it too and they struggled in the beginning but are doing much better…all on meds and under the same great doctors!). The sooner you know – the better your life will be (for yourself and your child!). This website is a gold mine of information and wonderful people! I highly recommend this book: Delivered from distraction : getting the most out of life with attention deficit disorder by Dr Edward Hallowell. Good luck to you! Your life is worth asking for a 2nd opinion!