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I am 27 years old, and currently struggling to figure out what path I want to/would excel at. I am currently in the healthcare industry, and working in research. I am often in a small space with no windows, and only two people to talk to. While, the job does not require a lot of interpersonal contact, it’s something that I miss from my other jobs. Recently it came to light, that basic data entry I did was done incorrectly. When looking at the errors I had done, they didn’t make sense. It was like I was on a different planet when performing the task. I really wanted to excel into academia, but I am finding that my inability to pay attention to details and perform a nuanced tasks is extremely difficult to manage. I somehow was able to finish my Masters program, and am now in a position that I do not enjoy at all. While I am scouring the web for new jobs, and leveraging all of my connections to find something – I am desperately trying to identify what I would be good at.