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um yes, i have been on them for 13 years and now im 25.. they only have to have 20% of the same ingredient binders as another. .. That is like saying every cheeseburger is the same as Mcdonald’sx or comparing instant coffee to Starbucks honestly its getting worse. Avoid adderall aurobindo at all cost… Terrible thousands of recent reviews stating maybe counterfeit or fake.. thousands Reviews on it just google aurobindo adderall reviews.
I prefer my former generic corepharm pink they discontinued over the namebrand teva also my sunpharm adds i was on until second shortage over teva.. Teva it could be it tasted like a sweettart like a tum maybe clouded my judgement however the other two mentioned above i liked way bettrr. Just avoid Aurobindo at all costs, guys. And warn anyone else you know who may take also about this manufacturers is bogus