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Thank you Kevin for your response. It is overwhelming with the different options (to medicate or not to medicate). It’s just so frustrating to see kids struggle! One thing that i swear is helping my 10 year old son is his “xbox bank” – I’m 100% sure electronics have played some type of roll in his moodiness and anxiety – so we implemented the Xbox bank. He earns minutes throughout the week based on responsibilities being met, polite attitude, and reading when he’s supposed to. We give him the following:
For every page read = 1 min (he’s kind of a slow reader so he usually accumulates about 10-15 minutes in a half hour of reading.
Starting homework and completing before hockey = 10 min
Helping his younger siblings (with various things) = 5 min
Practicing his hockey shots = 10 min for every 30 shots
By the end of the week, he usually only accumulates 60-70 minutes of time BUT he is 100% responsible for earning it. Some weeks are better than others, and we even take minutes away if needed. My point being, for some reason, this has helped with his anxiety. I️ don’t know if it’s less screen time (thus more tuned in and not off in another world), or he feels like he has a hand in something. His moods have improved a ton too.