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I’ve known of my ADHD for 20 years and just recently discovered Dyscalculia (dyslexia with numbers) which affects ones ability to do math (in head), time, distance, direction and number recall. Guess what I’ve been struggling to do for the past year…
Making reservations for bus trips, relaying time, dates, addresses to clients. In a noisy, cluttered, bullying office.
I sunk into a deep pit most of the year and was living with a critical/judgmental roommate. I spent all my time in my room and sleeping. Now that the roommate is gone I have been able to do some self healing and discovery. I have been overjoyed to find out the source of my issues yet working hard towards finding ways to forgive myself and concentrate on the future.
My supervisor knows of my ADHD and the RX has helped to an extent. Finding out about Dyscalculia, I was ready to share, to explain my poor performance. I rank high in call volume yet make lots of mistakes! I find my brain freezing up…and forget what I was doing or say the wrong thing. I get such a brain fog! There are clients that refuse to deal to me and co workers that snicker and laugh at me. I want to yell….my brain can’t handle all these numbers! But people being who they are don’t want to understand and assume I am making excuses for myself. I am only now confident enough to apply for other jobs and just had an interview that was great! Even if I don’t get the job the confidence and self esteem I gained was worth it!
I am looking for support and encouragement to find my way out of the pit I’ve been in.