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Mate I was stood down from work from a random drug test from a false positive for Methanphetamine (ICE) because of the Vyvance & Dexamphetimine ADHD medication which I had Scripts for & declared my use before the testing.
As I am a rigger working with high risk equipment they escorted me off site and was stood down for further testing I was cleared by the drug testing pathology after 48hrs but due to the Site Safety & HR lack of knowledge in ADHD & Vyvance. It took 4 weeks for me to get on site.
This was a 12 week Turbine shutdown.
I was labeled a drug user amongst my friends & My wife’s food business suffered from the local chitchat.
I could go on about the emotional suffering & near divorce but in the courts there’s know proof of how this adversely affects my wellbeing.
My union clearly stated to me don’t bother you will loose more money & stress then what you have.
Discrimination doesn’t apply to white male’s at the moment as this is not the year for it.

Nor should we resolve to lawsuits as I feel there’s know body better then rising above and meeting demands then people with Adhd
We kick ass at beating competition.