Reply To: New to Thinking About Symptoms


Paul, thanks very much for your reply. I’m in the US. Best of luck with the appointment with the psychiatrist. I had an appointment with my GP today and was nervous about what her reaction would be to the diagnosis I received from a psychiatrist. It turned out that she was very understanding and supportive, and I needn’t have worried.

After reading your message this morning, I listened to this podcast on the way to my appointment. I’m not sure if it’s the one you meant, but I was blown away at how well it described my experience:

Listen to “Emotions and ADHD: What Clinicians Need to Know for Accurate Diagnosis” with William Dodson, M.D

Your description of twisting and turning to try to deal with emotions, and how your emotions now are influenced by those twists and turns as you now are coming to a new understanding, is both moving and spot on. I’m right there with you.

~ Lisa