Reply To: New to Thinking About Symptoms


Hi Lisa

this is my first response on the forums. I don’t know where you are based, but I’m in the UK, and again (after two unsuccessful attempts as far as professionals agreeing with me is concerned) will have an appointment with a psychiatrist and I have asked of my GP that there is a focus on ADHD (inattentive). I am not taking any medication at this time but have had noticeable improvements when on venlafaxine anti-depressant and varenicline (smoking cessation medication), neither were prescribed for ADHD though. I was drawn to your post as I am a similar age to you.

Just a possible note regarding your description of the emotional telephone call. It is only very recently that I have begun to put the jigsaw piece in place regarding emotions and ADHD, and in part that has been seriously progressed by the additude website. There is a particular podcast of an interview with Dr Bill Hodson based in the U.S, and his description of mood and emotions just fit with me virtually in its entirety. Emotions and moods and ways of trying to deal with them are exhausting for people with ADHD; as mood and emotional symptoms are not listed as one of the 18 criteria that may indicate ADHD, it is very easy for professionals and those with the condition to dismiss the problems that some people can have simply as our personality traits. I appreciate that not everything comes down to ADHD. But I can see, especially as I’ve been trying to deal with the repercussions of the condition for a half century that I have needed to twist and turn to try and deal with the emotional side as well as everything else, and some of my emotions are not only coloured by the those twists and turns, but also are influenced by my frustration, anger and at times resentment.

This may not apply to you, but thought it might be of value.