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On most days, I do feel like I would be much better if I an alone. I feel that people gave me a lot of stresses since I cannot filter anything and I feel too much. When I am upset, I will blurt out extreme comments. Most of the times the other person don’t know they upset me. At the same time, I also feel guilty that I gave people a lot of trouble with my impulsiveness, sensitivity, procrastination, and a very low tolerance for boredom. I try to keep to myself and don’t talk so there’s fewer chance of misunderstanding. Well, there will be misunderstanding anyway with neurotypical people. They will see me as rude or uninterested no matter what. And they will always bore me very easily too. My speech is slow and it’s not smooth when I speak but my mind is very active with images, videos running all the times, ideas, patterns, etc. I cannot slow it down and I get angry when people tell me things like “slow down, you think too much.” I should tell them to “speed up, think more so you are not boring” but they will surely get offended.