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I was seeking ADA rights – I could do the job just fine, but not necessarily in the order they wanted me to. I had to answer the phone and attend to clients needs – but as soon as I hung up, they would want me to set aside the previous client’s case and constantly be on the phone. 5-6 clients later NOBODY can remember all the details of a client’s case if you can’t write them down… and we’re talking about making changes in their accounts, sending out letters or paperwork to them and the other entity, sending faxes, and documentingg everything thing you said and did in detail. I simply asked if I could be allowed to do things in my own order. . my boss was gone for 3 days and I did things “my” way and kept track and my performance was up like 20%. It didn’t matter. Once I submitted my ADA REQUWST, they found multiple reasons to fire me before the papers could get processed in HR. I learned my lesson. Zip your lip.