Reply To: Problem getting meds for 8 year old


Well, I just checked out the Vanderbilt scales online, and I bet my son does a ton of that stuff in the classroom — fidgets in seat? Makes careless mistakes? Loses stuff? Forgetful? YES. I’m sure of it.

I just wonder if his teacher is observant enough to notice these little things when there are 20 kids in the classroom, and she doesn’t strike me as the most…astute person on earth. But when posed these specific questions, maybe she’ll be able to recall some of these behaviors. On the parent side, he does all of them. He was DXed combined type by the psychologist at the behavioral health agency.

I’m going to call back the psychiatrist we saw yesterday and see if she’ll administer the scales to me and the teacher. I didn’t care for her at all — she downplayed all of my legitimate concerns — but it could be the quickest way to get help. I took 2 hours out of my work day to make calls and couldn’t find a psychiatrist accepting new patients. But I’m not giving up.