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I have watched some videos recently about medication and ADHD or ADD. In my understanding, ADD or ADHD is a FOCUSING issue caused by a biochemical imbalance, in very simple terms.

If you required “see-eye-glasses” to correct your eye vision because of an inability of your body/brain connection to FOCUS on the world, would you deny corrective vision lenses to yourself or your child because you believe that there is a problem with using medical interventions? Would you demand that only the bare minimum of corrective FOCUS lenses be given? Or would you want optimum focus? What if there were a drug that could help yourself or your child not bump into things or help avoid crashing into things that you/they cannot FOCUS ON clearly from a distance? A drug that corrects a chemical imbalance that could help with physical vision FOCUS? A chemical that could prevent blindness, or a potentially damaged life and life expectations, because you/your child cannot FOCUS successfully on school work? Would you say No if there was a chemical corrective lens (think ADD executive functioning)… please think about it…