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Penny Williams

I’m with @BRLK — my son uses an iPad for almost everything at school to try to combat lost and missing work as much as possible (9th grade). Every teacher uses different online tools and different websites and it’s a nightmare. I can’t keep up with it to help my son and I’m uber organized. So, how in the world is a kid with zero executive functioning going to keep up with it.

He doesn’t label his “papers”/files, and I’ve tried a million times to try to get him to. He started using the OneNote app this year, and that has actually helped him organize the “papers”/files a whole lot more than he did on his own. He has “notebooks” in OneNote for each class, and then sub-notebooks on each one, 1 labeled worksheets and 1 labeled notes.

My only complaint about OneNote for student use is that there’s no to-do list or flagging, or reminder functions. Those additions would make it PROFOUNDLY useful for kids like ours.

Make sure she has a hand in planning whatever organizational method you come up with. If it doesn’t make sense to her or she doesn’t have any buy-in, it won’t make a difference.

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