Reply To: Problem getting meds for 8 year old


Hey, Rob. Thanks for the insights. You hit the nail on the head — he’s one of those kids who works really hard to hold it together at school, but falls apart at home. We’ve had no complaints from school, and when I asked the teacher about his behavior and attention she said he’s fine. She was really taken with how bright he is, and she recommended him for the gifted program, which apparently put him out of the running with the psychiatrist we saw yesterday. She claims ADHD kids aren’t gifted, but rather, the gifted kids present as ADHD because they’re bored. I beg to differ!

He does display ADHD symptoms outside the home — like yesterday when he walked into traffic unaware (he’s 8!!!) and during play dates with friends. But she didn’t give me enough time to elaborate on those, and only focused on how well he does at school. Our home life is a disaster. I get the focus on school, but what about the whole child? He has waking hours outside of school where his function is impeded.

I’m calling around trying to find another child psychiatrist today — it’s not easy. Thanks again for the reply.