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I…Oops, I meant “Hi,” but missed. I can see yha (that) you all can relate. I am (almost) purposfully not using the corrections sujested by the spelling and grammer police on this yyping window. not so LOL on me. –Oops again should have said “purposfully (almost),” but I dyslecticized the words. …I have made some corrections now.–

I understand all of what has been discussed (unfortunately so much ofthe negative things).
Whispering, so … oops again!–I mean “do” and not the word “so”, do not give in to dryer people in your life. I call them dryer people because in my many many sojourns on the psych ward because of misdiagnoses, and also co or multiple coexisting conditions with my newly diagnosed ADHD at age 59 (ut (it) DOES explain ssooo much, as has been pointed out by others. Anyway,…focus, focus, focus…) when I would find people crying or hugly distressed on the ward or anywhere, and I would find them saying “I just want to be normal,” I would take them by the hand to the laundry room and show the(m) the place on dial on the dryer that said “Normal.” “This is ‘normal,'” I would explain to them, pointing to the setting. I have now coined the phroase “Do you aspire to be a setting on a dryer?” LOL, Whispering, I guess that would not make a good greeting card catch phrase… (Ah, coming back to this, the correct word is “jingle” it thimk, maybe…oops, get m’s and n’s mixed up too) LOL!! or maybe it would, for those of us who understand. You probably would not make your first $million from it though…
Whispering, your poetry is brilliant. Encapsulating of visual/emotional impressions into words. I write in much the same way… sample line….
Squeezed out of a drowning brain, the words lie like

Your words expressed the capturing of hope and beauty as well as your memory of pain. Thank you for sharing your hope and pain.

I let my ADHD brain have unfiltered exposure at the beginning of this text, Whispering, because, there is always hope. Hope means that even if you cannot change the picture you are looking at, you can change the way you choose to look at the picture. “Feeling” trapped is a “feeling” and it is possible to make changes. Today is my 63rd birthday. I have made many changes in my life, and even under the wrong meds and diagnoses, I continued to fight for and pursue what I knew was right for me. I still strive to accept that my “brilliance” that, like you, makes me the go to person for problem-solving, also makes me appear way, way, way, different from those who choose to pick my brains. I am good to be around when I am useful, but much too difficult to accept and give space to be me in, when I am not of use.
Whispering, people make fun of what they fear and do not understand…and who they are jealous of. They will not take the time to know the you that makes you brilliant and beautiful because they cannot keep up with the beautiful way your mind works. You were not created as a dryer person. It is not your job to do only the mundane things in this world in order to survive. You are meant to be
“Carried by the wind to the joys of tomorrow
My projected dream is colored by
this enchanted scenery
Looking to the sky,
stars twinkle and sing”

Find a way to bring people into your life to help you do the “dryer things” to start your business souring… You can find and use people who are as good at doing the mundane things that need to be done for your business dream in the same way that the business you work for has found how to use you to do the creative, problem-solving things in Excel that they need doing.

When you research the ADDers who have soared, they have WORKED to find people they can Trust to fill in the dryer places in their lives. I encourage you to find ways to make this happen… keep texting, keeping building your understanding that you are brilliant and beautiful and worth risking getting to know. Socially awkward does not mean socially impossible. Your co-workers who mock you are to be pitied, because they are less socially mature than you are…. Imagine how small of minds they must have that they have time in their dryer brains to think up such time-wasting silliness. Imagine what must their other small thoughts be like… While you are soaring and thinking beautiful words and seeing the way amazingly different and divergent ideas go together, they can only think of mocking someone they cannot take the time to learn to understand, even a little. While it is Very difficult to live in my brilliant brain that has no off switch, I would not want to live with their small, small stagnant thoughts… In your compassion, learn to see their fear and limited imaginations that prevent them from seeing as clearly as you do… And continue to teach yourself compassion for yourself, and for others who think differently than you do. Just as it seems “not fair” that you were not born neuro-typical, it is equally “not fair” that they were not born to soar the way we can….
While you can soar into the sky where the stars twinkle and sing, your co-workers, your partner, and the rest of the world, walk on the ground. The sky and ground may never truly understand each other, however, they can meet at a place of compassion and desire to understand…a place where newness can begin…where the sun rises. At the horizon… Can you imagine that? Be encouraged. I am 63 years young today. I will never give up. I have many years of life to live and give life in… Be encouraged Whispering…