Reply To: Drugs for my 12 year old son – scared!


We just recently started our 7 year old son on Adderal and we were in the same boat, scared… terrified.

So, we started with a supplement of a green tea, ashwaganda and B vitamins. They were chewable, artificial color free, so a win-win. We explained what the supplement was for and I asked him how he felt on a day that he had taken them. It helped so much that he could actually explain his ADHD. He said “When I don’t take these, it’s like I have 5 songs playing really loud in my head. I can’t think, I don’t know what to do and I make bad choices.” BOOM! Taking a stimulant helped him get some clarity on the difference, helped him be able to explain it to us.

However, the supplement would wear off quickly, he was taking 5 a day and it would still wear off. A friend of mine in the herbal tea industry told me one day “You know… the medication they would prescribe, comes from the same species of plant as green tea.” So we took the plunge and tried the Adderal.

He said it has the same affect, it stops the music in his head and doesn’t wear off. We see him being more responsive, able to get dressed on his own and some small successes at school.

We’re only a month in and I’m sure there are changes in the meds to come. But I’m glad we did this, glad he could get to a point where he could explain the difference.

Side note: He had a panic/anxiety attacks (like a major melt-down, but where he says “I can’t breath, I feel like I’m having a heart attack,” on both the green tea and the adderal. I think it’s just the nature of the stimulants… Still working on this.