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I totally understand how you feel. Totally. I’m so disappointed in countless doctors and therapists over the years that nobody recognized I had ADHD all along (I have like 7 other mental health diagnoses’….). I was diagnosed just this year and I am 38. I have a great therapist now, and she suggests for handling this “lost” feeling I seem to have all the time…. she suggested to turn it into fun! Add some stimulation that my brain loves. So I’ve made a plan, like a “quest” to find out who I am. We came up with a bunch of fun things for me to do, try, research, create and to record my reactions and enjoyment to various activities. Nothing is off the table! She also wants me to stop for 15 min. every day and go inside myself (guided meditation, just listening to my heart, feeling the sadness of the lost years of my life, a slow walk etc. and just see what comes up without judgement. She reminds me to stay curious, because ADHD brains become very effective when they are allowed to be curious. It’s validating and stimulating. Maybe this idea will help someone else – it is certainly helping me. It also helps me to work through some of the anger I am feeling at being diagnosed so late in life and refocus on the future but still remain true to myself – even though I am a litttle unclear, I am excited to find out who I am 🙂