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I have never been relieved to read all of these and actually see that I’m not the only one that constantly messes up unintentionally.
I find myself always torn between over apologizing when things happen even though I don’t do it on purpose or just trying to get everyone to just accept that it’s who I am.
My latest one was today when I was trying to multitask (keyword trying lol) at work. I was killin it and getting things done and I went to fill a row of three sinks where we wash our drinking glasses which takes about 4 minutes to fill with water so I started filling the first one and walked away to start doing something else in the mean time and 15 minutes later I found myself on the phone with my mom to tell her something before I forgot and walked back inside to work on inventory in the back and then I remembered that I was filling the sinks and ran around the corner and all three sinks were almost overflowing to the point where water was almost going down the sides onto the floor. Thank god my coworker caught it before I had a flood lol
This morning I woke up three hours before work on purpose so that I could work on some laundry and fill out the month of February in my planner which would leave me with plenty of time to not rush getting ready and be out of the door early enough that I could eat and clean out my car before I drove the 2 miles to work and not feel rushed and somehow in the middle of me filling out my work schedule I realized that I needed to purchase a 2018 planner soon which turned into me looking at sites on my computer of customizable monthly planners which was crazy interesting to me because I think designing things like that is the coolest ever and I looked at my phone and I had 20 minutes to get ready and be out of the door to be pulling into the parking lot at the exact time I started work. Lol and there went all my plans to get things done out the window.
Sometimes I have really good days but I definitely have days where I get so frustrated and mad with myself that I have no self control when it comes to hyper focusing and if I don’t write tings down that I need to do I Will forget and then 3 days later I’m back at square 1 frustrated with myself and wondering why my brain can’t just function like a normal productive person.