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Hi whisperingwings, Thank you for reply.
Sorry to hear you had a bad day at work….. I appreciate you took time to respond.
After some months paying full price for my medication, process went through and co-pay is much cheaper.
Funny you mentioned, I am originally from Japan and growing up, mental health issues can not be talked about nor treated, unless you are
insane and cause harm to others. I think it’s slowly changing, it hurts me to think how many people can benefit from medication but not allowed to.
I now live in USA and have been here for most of my adult life.
I will try reading in different font, never thought of that. When I want to read books, I use audible service. It’s almost like
my therapy to listen and do something along, I enjoy background music as well as listening to podcast, etc… knitting is also good to calm myself.
I was anxious, depressed, and always felt like outsider before treatment. ADD can really cause a lot of problems. Tomorrow is another day, hope we all have
a good day tomorrow.

Hello Sally,

I’m originally from Japan, and yes we had a lot of social stigma for anything different. I have to say things are changing, for better there.
I live in USA now, and blessed with great primary care doctor and psychiatrist. Yes it was hard growing up, especially it was my mother
who criticized me constantly.
I used to buy magazines filled with pictures of beautifully organized kitchen, living room, bath room, and get really depressed.
Thank you for writing about your experience. My piles are less now and getting smaller.