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Get a diagnosis from a professional, preferably with a recommendation from someone you trust. If you are ADHD, get medication, unless there is some physical issue that makes that dangerous. Why should you do that? Well, stimulant meds are out of your system in hours. Even if you choose to discontinue using them, you will have a baseline of your clarity with and without meds. I had learned to deal with my issues, but that was a far cry from how functional – and how much less stressed – I am on meds. If you were diabetic, you wouldn’t refuse insulin. But you may be a person who can use fitness to reach a point where you don’t need insulin anymore. But you needed that insulin to get there.

ADHD is a biological condition that affects our executive functions. The things we take or do that alter are chemistry and improve our clarity are our only option right now. That includes exercise, extreme athletics, and anything we put in our bodies that changes the chemical equation in a way that compensates for the diminished dopamine absorption in the parts of our brain affected. Meds won’t diminish your creativity. They also won’t solve all your issues. A diagnisis will give you a chance to find a therapist that can help as much or more than meds or anything else you are doing. Meds are another tool in the toolbox. My advice is to use every tool and see what helps you feel more functional. Good luck!