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Hello, my name is Sally and I’m a woman in her late 40’s from Australia. I’m sorry I didn’t catch what country you were from but here in Australia it’s an enormous struggle to get diagnosed with adult adhd.
Like you I’ve lived with the same stigma my whole life. I come from a small country town where even my local GP said to me “oh I don’t really believe in adhd????!” WTF???
I’ve struggled with the same issues but have found my ‘symptoms’ have worsened as I approach my menopausal years, and I basically lost the plot for about a year. It got to the point that if one more doctor or psychologist told me I had depression and anxiety I was going to throttle them.
I felt like saying “of course I’m depressed and anxious you morons! I’m a grown woman who ‘should’ know how to organize her day, or be able to prioritize, or arrive on time, or be well past the “little piles of everything, everywhere so I don’t forget something important” and so on…but I can’t do it!
Sorry, I think it’s important to mention that due to circumstances beyond my control, I ended up living alone for about a year for the first time, ever, in my life.
I’d always been surrounded by people who have known me most of my life, and my Mum, who I now appreciate even more than I did when she was alive, because she kept me organized.
I had no idea I was so dependent on my family and friends! It probably took a good 3 months before the penny finally dropped for me. I was looking at the piles and piles of clothes, sitting amongst the piles of paper work and thought to myself “this is disgusting, I really need to tidy it up!” … But I didn’t know where to start, or what the finished product would look like, or where I was going to put it all and not forget it, … and I just burst into uncontrollable tears.
So, (sorry for waffling on and on) that’s why I wanted to throttle the so called experts; I was depressed and anxious because I had no idea how to be a functioning adult on my own? ☹️