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Sorry to hear what you’re going through, it’s not easy but hang in there and keep up the good work. We are currently in the middle of “fighting the system”. At age 3 we suspected my son had problems and the pediatrician dismissed are concerns. Age 4 the behaviour problems such has mood, tantrums and lack of impulse control continued and seemed extreme. We asked for a second option and again was dismissed. Fast forward to grade 1, our son is now 7 and having major behaviour and academic problems at School, they told us we had to go to a pediatrician for treatment. This pediatrician tried 2 stimulants; ritialin had no effect, Vyvanse which looked like a bipolar 1 manic episode, couldn’t stop talking, body was racing and vibrating, stopped sleeping. He was then switched to Risperdal which was like night and day for us. He was still full of life and like he “should” be but without all the behavioural problems. We were then referred to a specialty clinic to rule out autism and at this point they decided to take him off this and put him on a 3rd stimulant Biphentin. This has created rage, violence, extreme negative self talk and threats. Autism has been ruled out but it looks like we might be getting closer to working diagnosis of anxiety and ADHD but the problem we seem to face is that they are trying to treat the ADHD instead of treating this as a dual diagnosis. I’m not an expert but I would encourage you to continue to research, reach out to anyone and everyone you can. I know you’re proably frustrated, tired, and if you’re like I was thinking you’re going crazy. Keep up the good work until you and your child our heard and get the results you need. Believe in yourself and keep advocating for your child, you’re their voice. Good luck from one frustrated mother to another.