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Hi kw02019,

I can relate to some of your experiences. You are definitely not lazy! People with ADHD have guilt and we always try hard or find another way to do things. We can get very sad but we don’t give up. We always pick ourselves up and move forward. I also have the habit of piling my things no matter where I am. It’s always this “I’ll do it later” thinking but later almost always dont happen when it comes to organizing objects. I also find it difficult to sort laundry, fold clothes, pack clothes, daily tasks. If I’m going away, I could not pack my clothes and then my family would end up packing it for me because of my extreme procrastination. I also have trouble filling out paperwork. When I live with my mom, I used to pay my half sister $5 or more to fill out paperwork for me. I really hate it. Just looking at forms create twists in my stomach. Most people will say “Why can’t you do this?! It’s so easy!” That kind of comment hurts because it makes me feel dumb and depressed. Or people don’t believe ADHD exists and they say things like “Everyone cannot concentrate if it’s not interesting to them. It’s a normal reaction, ADHD is not real.” They really light up my ring of fire at that point.

The medication is also helping me. I also found that changing the font also makes it easier to read prints and less boring.

If the medication is helping you, I hope the insurance company will not give you trouble. In what state or country do you live in? I live in NY and never heard of the over age 23 rule. Asian counties are even more strict. In Japan, stimulants are 100% illegal. Even if you’re visiting from another country and you have a doctor’s note, they will not accept it. It’s the most abused drug in Japan. They cannot understand that ADHD people don’t abuse it and it might be very helpful and possibly life saving considering the statistics in that country…it’s not always just “depression”

I had a bad day again at work and it was comforting to read your story! Thank you!