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I agree with Lisa. Not sure how the relationship is with your husband but perhaps it could be better if he had an explanation for how you are. Same for yout sister. And someone mentioned that a diagnosis can enable you to get accommodations at work. Then maybe you would feel better if you were working outside the home. ADHD is often part of a dual or multiple diagnosis so its not surprising that you are depressed. A diagnosis would make it easier to receive counselling, which often can be just as effective as medication and can help you find even more ways to cope. And even if you choose not to seek a formal diagnosis, you could always hire an ADHD coach that might be able to work with you on the thoughts and behaviors that are at the root of your feelings of isolation. From some of the wording in your posts, it sounds like you could probably benefit from some therapy, medication, coaching, or some combination of the 3. I wish you all the best!